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PetAlive OralHealth Mouth Spray

Item Number: POHS001
 Sale Price: $46.95

Promotes fresh breath, healthy gums and strong teeth
No mess, no fuss! Finally, a pet-friendly way to freshen doggie breath and kitty breath in a natural way. OralHealth Mouth Spray has the added benefit of promoting oral health inside the mouth, supporting healthy teeth, gums and tongue. What could be simpler than a spray? OralHealth Mouth Spray contains colloidal silver, an ingredient to promote healthy levels of bacteria in the mouth. With a simple squirt a few times a day, you can rest assured that the eco-system in your pet's mouth will be naturally supported. OralHealth Mouth Spray may be used at the first signs of particularly bad breath to address unpleasant odors quickly and effectively, without side effects! Presented in handy spray form, even children can administer the remedy to their furry friends! OralHealth Mouth Spray contains no artificial colors or preservatives.
Content Type: Spray
Herbal/Homeopathic: Herbal

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